About Me

I’m a graduate student at Columbia Journalism School in New York City, which is dramatic change from my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. I specialize in magazine writing, though I have newspaper experience as well. I absolutely love covering music and the arts. But reporting and writing in general are such a thrill for me that I’m enthusiastic about covering most anything.

I wrote for The Concord, Bellarmine University’s weekly newspaper, during my undergraduate years. I also interned and freelanced for another Louisville weekly, writing features, taking photographs and editing.

Currently, I’m working on my master’s thesis, which is about busking. Its focus will be on musicians performing in the subway stations of New York City.

Outside of journalism, I like to learn about music, finding new artists and attending performances. I also like to spend time with my dog Romeo, family and friends. To relax, I do yoga and read.

I’m always looking for good stories. So if you have any leads, or a general comment, please feel free to contact me.


Contact Info:

E-Mail: aimee.kuvadia@gmail.com or ahk2143@columbia.edu

Twitter: @aimeekuvadia

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/aimeekuvadia


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